How to Have Documents Notarized

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How to Have Documents Notarized

21 July 2021
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Notarization is used as a fraud deterrent. It authenticates legal paperwork and requires that documents are signed in front of a witness. If you are going to be drawing up an agreement between yourself and another party, learn the process associated with getting the documents notarized.

Types Of Documents That Are Notarized

Vendor contracts, commercial leases, some loan agreements, wills, and custody agreements are some formal types of paperwork that often require the witnessing of a notary. Any type of paperwork that is legally binding and could have serious repercussions if an agreement is broken tends to require the stamp of a notary.

Some documents will have a pre-printed area on the bottom of them that is designated for the notary's use. If paperwork is lacking this type of mark or if an informal agreement is being drawn up, there is no legal requirement to have the papers notarized.

Notary Publics

Notary publics often work in government buildings, schools, lawyer offices, real estate firms, or banks. A notary is an official who has been appointed by the state government. Their job is to serve the public as an impartial witness. Some businesses that provide notarization services charge a nominal fee.

A bank is one place where notary services may be conducted for free. If you choose to have your documents notarized at a financial institution, choose the branch that you are a member of. If you have an open and active account at the bank, you shouldn't have a problem getting your paperwork notarized. 

The Steps Necessary

Contact the other party who will be signing the documents. You and this person should plan to arrive at a notary public's office at the same time. Call the notary in advance to ensure that an appointment will not need to be made. Some notary publics have other jobs and may use a scheduling system to assist with setting up the witnessing of documents being signed.

Upon your arrival at the notary's office, you and the other party will need to show identification. The request for identification will verify that you and the other party are who you both state you are. After the notary reviews the paperwork that is being signed, they will make sure that you and the other person understand what the paperwork pertains to.

Any legal clauses will be pointed out. If you are both in agreement about signing the documents, the notary will witness you both signing your names. Upon completing this step, the notary will sign and stamp the paperwork and will make copies of it, if requested.

Now that you understand how documents are notarized, contact a notary public to get started.